How it works

The early click catches the worm in New Zealand's hottest web game, requiring nerves of steel and a lightning fast finger. We offer a revolutionary platform featuring items from great brands throughout New Zealand. What's different? All our prices run live and in reverse.

It's a race against the clock and each other when the game starts - whoever clicks buy first gets it at that price.

Playing the game is simple, exciting and all done in less than 3 minutes!

1. Create an account / log in to be able to play.
2. Click the heart symbol to get a reminder email just before the game starts for the selected item.
3. Be the first to hit BUY when the countdown hits zero and the prices go live. There is only one winner.

At the heart of what we do

We challenge the status quo, to create the most exciting and engaging buying experience possible

Prices run in reverse

Starting from a higher to lower price, we offer a uniquely different buying experience

A process that rewards the first to act

There is no bidding, but you must hit buy before anybody else does to win

Operates across all devices

Desktop and mobile optimized for buyers and sellers on the go.

All items displayed on this site are listed in New Zealand dollars.

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Frequently asked questions

We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions below - If you have any questions we haven't listed below please contact us at any time.

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